PCMS Social Solutions ? Addresses Effective Social Media Strategies and Execution

PCMS recently announced its launch of PCMS Social Solutions ℠, a social media outsourcing service designed to help brokerages connect with agents and consumers through social media channels. Using the service, brokerages can control their online messaging and expand their market reach. By prioritizing how their brand is represented online, brokers and agents foster positive relationships that generate leads.
PCMS believes the upcoming year is essential for brokers to integrate social media into their marketing operations. Social media offers unique opportunities to increase both brand recognition and customer loyalty in the marketplace. While social media initially supplemented campaign-based marketing, it has quickly evolved into a robust medium that drives leads using real time customer engagement through the use of social media and real estate websites.
PCMS partnered with No Limit Agency to produce PCMS Social Solutions ℠. The successful Chicago-based public relations and media consulting company leverages the power of social media to help clients engage in conversations with the people they want to reach. For PCMS clients, the service reaches both prospective agents and real estate consumers.
“We chose to partner with No Limit because they completely understand this space,” comments Jose Perez, founder and chief visionary of PCMS. “When you combine their knowledge of the consumer and how to engage with them through social channels with our vast knowledge of the real estate industry, it’s truly a winning combination that will provide great value to brokers.”
For brokers and agents, social media provides critical opportunities to create a customer for life. Leveraging social media empowers brokers and agents, allowing them to educate consumers, build relationships, provide exceptional social care (customer care) and maintain strong ongoing relationships with the consumer.
States Nick Powills, chief brand strategist for No Limit, “Brands don’t sell brands, people do. Where do people interact and where do customers interact? Our job is to help clients engage their customers in conversations that will connect them in an emotional way. Once they are ready to engage in business, the decision of who to call first will have already been made. We are excited to partner with PCMS to help make this happen in the real estate industry.”
Additionally, as mobile devices continue to gain ground, social networking becomes ever more important for the real estate industry. Social outreach becomes essential as more consumers adopt smart phones and tablets; for brokerages focused on industry best practices, social media adaptation is imperative for both marketing success and lead generation in 2013 and beyond.
“Most brokerages don’t have any social strategy. They’re unsure how to talk to their audience online, and consequently are allowing agents to dilute their branding,” notes Perez. “Our goal with PCMS Social Solutions℠ is to help brokerages control their message and expand their reach. Social media is an afterthought for many brokerages, and they often just throw up a Facebook page and call it done. However strategy and execution are equally important for social media success. We believe it’s time for our industry get serious about this marketing channel before others beat us to the punch.”
For more information, visit www.pcmsconsulting.com.


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