How to Build a Profitable Online Marketing Presence

It was wonderful to see so many Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brokers and agents in Las Vegas last week for our International Convention, FUSION. It was exciting to witness the energy and creativity that is expelled when over 500 people are connected to fresh, innovative and established ideas within the industry.
One of the key presentations offered was Amy Chorew’s “Building a Profitable Online Marketing Presence.”
This article takes a deeper dive into this topic and describes what steps top brokers and agents take to master their online presence and how you can borrow from their playbook to create a strategic marketing plan for online success.
Below is an online marketing checklist that will help you maximize your efforts and build a powerful online presence!
• What are the keywords people are researching when looking for your service and business? Use Google keyword tracker to find relevant terms researched by your potential clients.
• Have a content strategy in place – through blog posts and articles that will offer fresh and pertinent content to readers.
• Create a plan to post regularly (at least once per week).
• Check to see if your WordPress plugins are updated. Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress and make adding functions such as social media icons easy. [Important note: Make sure you have added an SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and a security plugin like Wordfence to protect against malware and other dangerous code injection.
• Don’t forget to use Keywords/Tagging/Categorizing on posts. These should be consistent with the keywords you chose when establishing your website and blog.
Website and Blog:
• Review automated emails and contact forms. Determine whether the message you are sending out is beneficial to your clients and contains a call to action.
• Google analytics – Is this installed and configured?
• Check for broken links (and fix them!).
• Update photos and freshen up old content.
• Plan to review and analyze web stats regularly.
Social Media
• What are your goals? Put them in writing!
• Set up a strong personal profile and complete each section.
• Set up Fan Page with a custom cover photo.
• Make sure your Facebook badge is placed on your website to easily direct readers to your page.
• Include your Facebook Page info in your email signature (try Wisestamp).
• Create an action plan to:
o Network and engage friends/fans
o Increase Likes and promote page
o Keep content updated
• Make sure your profile is set up and 100 percent complete.
• Endorse others based on skill and industry.
• Participate in questions and discussions.
• Connect your profile to your other social media accounts.
• Make sure your custom background is consistent with your brand.
• What type of followers do you want? Connect with them through Twellow.
• Monitor your tweets to see if you receive retweets or comments. Use a tool like Hootsuite to monitor and respond in a timely manner.
This online checklist is only the beginning, but will allow you to get your site into tip-top shape!
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