Build a Business Plan in 5 Minutes

Try this quick and easy way to calculate how many new prospects you will need to acquire to reach your business goals. No spread sheets or calculations are required; this free tool will do the work for you.
Simply enter your desired new commission level. You will be prompted to answer a few questions. Within five minutes you will see a breakdown of how many listing and sales contracts you have to close to reach your desired number. It then projects the prospects you will need to acquire, and the number of follow-up calls you likely will have to make,
Knowing what work is required is just the beginning. Goal setting needs to be combined with actions that are attainable and available. To help with this, the system breaks down annual objectives to more manageable monthly targets. Making it easier to achieve these milestones, a list of activities is generated on the spot, including a wide array of best practices and marketing ideas to get your plan working. This plan will vary dependent upon how great a stretch objective you have, whether you show a desire to focus more on the listing side or more with buyers.
Listed in the printable plan, which is given to you in PDF form, are free marketing tools and applications, all geared towards achieving sales, listing or conversion objectives. These tools are free of charge, and also include phone support to get them installed and working for you.
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