REALTOR® Has Fun Marketing Listings, Not to Mention Best Start to Year Ever

“God said I need somebody willing to mow a lawn that isn’t her own. And to make a bed that doesn’t belong to her. And someone who is ready and willing to receive text messages about crown molding at 2 a.m.
“So God made a REALTOR®.”
Parodied from the recent “God Made a Farmer” commercial that gained popularity during this year’s Super Bowl, a new real estate marketing video made by Whitney Pannell, a REALTOR® with Prudential A.S. de Movellan Real Estate in Lexington, KY, has been lighting up real estate discussions on Facebook and Twitter this week.
Watch Pannell’s video, God Made a REALTOR®:

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Well known in her market for her light-hearted yet effective parody videos, “So God Made a REALTOR®” offers Pannell’s take on the every-day tasks that agents often find themselves doing, from vacuuming a seller’s house in the pre-dawn hours to playing the roles of decorator, marriage counselor, banker, appraiser, detective, inspector and a modern day social media expert—of course while producing contracts and “knowing the name of every street in town.”
But it’s more than just for laughs that Pannell dons her producer’s hat. She understands the power of creative marketing and how using media and especially video in particular, can create more exposure and buzz around her clients’ homes.
“I try to be creative and unique in my approach to selling real estate,” Pannell says. “The videos that I make help my sellers’ homes get more exposure, because I direct all traffic to my website. I think people are paying attention to what I am doing in my marketplace right now. It has proved to be successful.”
Many would agree that is an understatement. Pannell has garnered over 178,000 views to her YouTube channel where visitors can watch her dancing “Gangnam Style” in front of several different listings; or watch video tours of her listings paired with heart-pumping music and the occasional cut to her dancing to the beat. So far, just in the first two months of the year, Pannell says she has sold 19 homes.
“I think most of the people who list their home with me already feel like they know me and my personality due to seeing me on either, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube,” Pannell says. “It makes for a better first meeting, because they already feel at ease with me.”
Check out this video Pannell did as a parody of Dos Equis Beer’s popular campaign, “The Most Interesting Man in the World” – which she titled, “The Most Interesting Realtor® in the World”:

Pannell produces all the videos herself, which take about a week to complete, depending on how detailed they are. She uses an iPhone and a Mac Book Pro to shoot and edit the videos.
Pannell has been a REALTOR® for 19 years at Prudential A.S. de Movellan Real Estate in Lexington, KY. She understood early on that tweaking pop-culture fads to promote her own business was a formula for success. Prior to the social media explosion, she focused her marketing creativity on print ads, such as a play on the popular Got Milk? ad of the ’90s, which pictured her with a milk mustache saying, “Got REALTOR®?” She started creating YouTube videos in 2008.
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