Product Showcase: Taking another Look at Top Producer

The folks at Top Producer have recently announced several new innovations to its popular CRM platform. If you haven’t been keeping with Top Producer’s CRM system lately, you owe yourself a refresher tour to see how far this legendary follow-up workhorse has come in remaking itself as a nimble and easy-to-use system for converting prospects to sales.
Recent innovations include a user- friendly mobile interface that allows you to quickly classify inbound calls, emails and form leads for immediate appointments or longer-term communication.
As you engage and build report with prospects you can remember where you left off by jotting down notes that stay with the customer details. Later the information is easy to reference on most devices, whether Windows, mobile or Mac. Mac users may be especially delighted to be the first to use the new email editor that although designed for Mac, will still work in Windows using a chrome browser (coming soon).
To make things easier still, built in “contextual coaching” subtly guides best practices by making suggestions for timely follow-up and offering an array of contact options.

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