A better on-demand model: On-the-go office manager

The company was initially a tech-support business that helped consumers with technical issues — similar to Geek Squad — but soon realized that it was too focused on the wrong opportunity: It could make more money by focusing on the business-to-business (B2B) market rather than consumers, who tend to be more price-sensitive.

After launching in San Francisco in June 2015, the company discovered that its tech services were actually being used by businesses more than it expected — in fact, Eden didn’t expect to attract that market at all — but quickly realized that business-to-business clients were generating a significant amount of revenue.

“Our revenue has grown 15 percent each week for four months,” said CEO and co-founder Joe Du Bey.

By November 2015, the revenue split between the consumer and business client base was 50/50, even though Eden wasn’t focused on business clients. That’s when the company decided to make the switch to being exclusively a business-to-business company.


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