REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, Helps REALTORS® Meet Financial Goals

Members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) have the opportunity to better meet their financial goals with the only credit union designed to meet the unique needs of REALTORS®. Since the August 2012 merger of REALTORS® Federal Credit Union with Northwest Federal Credit Union, REALTORS® gained greater access to service centers, financial loans, banking services and much more.
Federal credit unions are not-for-profit cooperative financial institutions, owned and operated by their members. Through the use of volunteer boards and member ownership, credit unions are able to provide highly competitive loan rates, savings rates and fewer fees than other lending institutions.
Credit Union membership provides another way for REALTORS® to support the REALTOR® family—Credit Union earnings can be returned to account holders who are fellow REALTORS®.
Enhanced Product Offering and Account Access
Members of REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, have enhanced product offerings, including business checking, mortgage loans, and commercial real estate loans. Brokers and their agents can access over 4,900 branches nationwide through the Credit Union Service Center network. At these branches, they can perform transactions as if they were at their home credit union, plus access thousands of ATMs nationwide, as well as six full-service branch locations in the Northern Virginia area to take advantage of:
• Free eChecking with a free debit card
• Business checking without the fees and all the benefits
• Remote deposit capture by scanning checks from a personal computer
• Transferring funds between financial institutions online
Credit Solutions Meet Day-to-Day Personal and Business Demands
REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, is dedicated to serving the financial needs of REALTORS® and recognizes the unique savings, lending and credit needs of people in the real estate profession. With a mission to be an innovative, secure and responsible financial services provider, the Credit Union has a simpler underwriting and application process. Their personal loans have great rates and flexible terms up to 84 months. REALTORS® may use personal loans to fulfill many financial challenges, including:
• Consolidating higher interest debt
• Unexpected expenses
• REALTOR® University tuition expenses
• Annual REALTOR® dues
• Items for your home or business
• Quarterly tax payments
24/7 Account Access
The user-friendly online banking system offers a full array of products and services, including:
• Personal financial management tools for categorization, spending trends, graphical analysis, budgeting goals and more
• Easy transfer functionality within credit union accounts and to other financial institutions
• Personal customization, including dashboards, alerts and a virtual documents feature that allows for secure storage of important files
• Business account online access and features
• Enhanced security features
Tailored Promotions
The Credit Union further demonstrates its understanding of the needs of people in the real estate profession with tailored promotions. The 3R’s of Banking means Relationship + Reward + Referral = $120 runs through February 28, 2013. The 3R’s gives REALTORS® and their referral REALTOR® friends that join the Credit Union an opportunity to be rewarded with $120, the equivalent amount of the 2013 National Association of REALTORS® membership dues.
REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, is also a proud partner in NAR’s REALTOR® Benefits Program.
It only takes 10 minutes to join REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union online.


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