Robert Allan Paul Joins Top 5 in Real Estate as Top 5 Elite Speaker

Recently, RISMedia and the Top 5 in Real Estate Network have announced a new addition to the Top 5 program: the inclusion of some of the best speakers in the industry coming together to provide better content, better events and better coaching for Top 5 members.
One of the knowledgeable industry professionals that RISMedia and Top 5 have brought on board is real estate marketing expert Robert Allan Paul, Founder and President of Company of One.
The Top 5 program provides agents with recognition as a member of a group of the most successful agents in the industry—one of the top 5 percent. Paul’s primary objective aligns with the goal of the Top 5 program: To dramatically differentiate the “top” real estate agents from other agents in the profession, allowing them to stand out and giving them support and additional tools they need to succeed.
If you’re a Top 5 member, you already know what it takes to make it in this business. You know about some of the tools and technology available to help you succeed. But what you might not know is how to put them all together with a clear marketing message that cuts through the crowded marketplace and differentiates you from everyone else. In other words, how to build a powerful personal brand that communicates your unique qualities and makes you the provider of choice.
That’s where Robert Allan Paul comes in. Because the marketing principles large companies use to build their brands and achieve their objectives are the very same principals you can apply to build your personal brand and achieve your professional goals.
But these programs aren’t just about changing the way you market yourself. They’re about changing the way you think about the way you market yourself. And, according to Paul, if you can change, everything can change for you.
“The Best Year Ever program that Verl Workman and Top 5 have put together is nothing short of life-changing,” says Paul. “It could never replace the value of personal coaching, but between monthly seminars, spotlight magazine articles, social media discussions and other elements, this full-year event isn’t just helping Top 5 members stay on top – it’s helping raise the performance of an entire industry. That’s real leadership.”
This alignment of innovative speakers and coaches extends the already expansive list of Top 5 member benefits, creating boundless opportunities for business growth and expansion. In addition to recognition, Top 5 members receive extensive consumer content, a multimedia PR and marketing kit, inclusion in the Top 5 in Real Estate online directory which is featured in Real Estate magazine, the distribution of member press releases, member-to-member networking provided by the Top 5 Institute and more.
As a seasoned veteran with successful experience on all three sides of the agency-media-client equation, Paul provides a unique, universal perspective on the marketing process. Over the course of a career now spanning three decades, he’s helped build brands for dozens of corporate clients and thousands of individual real estate professionals. His entertaining, engaging career advancement programs are a must for anyone interested in discovering their strengths, developing their personal brand and achieving their professional goals.
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